This abrasive machining process carried out on a machine with hydrostatic guideways, is used to obtain work pieces with tigh geometrical and dimensional tolerances, and with a very high surface quality.

Grinded surfaces (internal and external), concentric or eccentric for :

  • Cylinders and cones
  • Threads
  • Polygon profiles and non-cylindrical profiles
  • Different other profiles

For important material removals, we use the deep grinding process in combination with a high-pressure cooling.

RFPM has a large stock of grinding wheels in order to respond quickly to your requests for samples or prototypes.

To validate and to guarantee a high production quality level, we have all measurement instruments to control profiles, shapes, roundness, cylindricity, concentricity, straightness, roughness...

We also have a Nital Etch equipment which is used to detect local overheatings on the grinded parts.